Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

Forever ♥♥

I hope you know
That I always try
To be a good girl
Untill my last breathe
I can feeling fou you
You make me feel like I'm free again

Let me kiss you
Let me hold you

Every step you take
Every word you say
And every game you play
I'll be watching you


I rip my heart out
To want this love for you
Coz u'r the one until my last breath forever


I cannot breathe a na no second without you because, I love you, because I only dream of you because I can only think of you because you are my only reality, my only truth.
Thats the truth,
But how do I convince you of it?
Thought I should write it on a mirror.
Tekk you, tell the word that I have no word other than you.
That you are my universe, my life, my reason for exixtence.
That much I know.
Nothing else.
Be my LIFE, my Word : )